Competition Rules

Please take the time to read all the rules carefully.

Participant Requirements:

  1. Any UNR student taking at least six credits.
  2. Develop and launch website with focus on eCommerce and/or SEO using Crexendo CMS Software and Web Hosting.
  3. Adhere to competition deadlines.
  4. No current or former employee of Crexendo or companies legally affiliated with Crexendo, or their family members may participate in the competition.
  5. If part of a team, only one (1) entry per team allowed. A participating student cannot be a member of more than one (1) team.
  6. Students may consult published works and online resources in the general field of site design and promotion.
  7. Students may not solicit the help of other people outside of their individual effort or team/group during the course of the event. If building a site and promotion plan for a pre-existing company, students may use copy and images provided by the company, but must create the site and marketing plan on their own.
  8. All intellectual property created and its rights are retained by the student(s).
  9. Any student found to be using material or content that is plagiarized or used without permission will be disqualified at the discretion of Crexendo and/or UNR.
  10. Any taxes, government fees or licenses are the responsibility of the contestants.
  11. All sites are subject to Crexendo hosting rules and policies.
  12. Decisions of Crexendo and UNR as to contest winners and rules are final.
  13. UNR and/or Crexendo reserve the right to disqualify or otherwise affect the outcome of the competition if they feel it is in the best interest of the competition.
  14. Students/Teams are not required to have a dedicated domain name, but are welcomed to if they prefer. Students/Teams are responsible for all their own domain registration, renewal, and transfer costs.
  15. Free Crexendo CMS Software and Web Hosting until December 31st, 2011.
  16. To continue using Crexendo CMS Software and Web Hosting past 12/31/11, a charge of $9.95 a month is required for the continued use of the Crexendo CMS Software and Web Hosting.
  17. Students will only need to supply a payment method in their website license if they want to continue past 12/31/11.
  18. $9.95/mo. is a UNR student only rate, good as long as person is a student taking 6 or more credits at UNR.
  19. Rules are subject to change at the discretion of UNR and/or Crexendo.
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