Focus on Tool Usage and Execution/Implementation:

Mechanics – 35%

  • Site Setup & Configuration
  • Use of conversion rate best practices
  • SEO on key pages
  • Google Analytics Implementation

Overall Idea – 25%

  • Scope & how idea integrates into the online marketplace
  • Long-term success/online traffic potential

Marketing – 25%

  • Answers to the marketing questionnaire
  • Appropriate social media integration

Appearance – 15%

  • Usability
  • Visual Impact
  • Professional Design

Bonus – 10%

  • Marketing and promotion already implemented
  • Real web traffic to site
  • Real revenue generated

Marketing Questionnaire

Submission to be qualified for the competition requires this Marketing Questionnaire to be completed and emailed to prior to the competition deadline.
Download the Marketing Questionnaire by clicking here

The Judges

Crexendo SEO & Web Developer Team
College Pics