UP Website Competition

The Crexendo website competition events are offered at participating colleges. Students compete to develop and launch an online marketing endeavor focused on either ecommerce or lead generation. Students are provided with a Crexendo eCommerce web-based software license to give them the tools to design, develop, & launch a fully functional website from initial concept to final design and implementation. Crexendo offers tips and training for each contestant on how to use the Crexendo eCommerce Content Management System (CMS) software.

In addition to offering students the opportunity to create a website to compete in the competition, Crexendo has opened up this software to faculty, staff and student-bodies of the participating University for up to six months. Students participating in the competitions are encouraged to begin implementing site marketing before the competition event deadlines established with their university’s competition.

Crexendo has had success with the Website Competition at Bringham Young University, California State University Fullerton, University of Utah, and and has other up and coming events at other colleges. For more information about Crexendo’s University Program and Website Competitions please see our Contact Us page to get your university involved.

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